Saks Off-Fifth Fine Jewelry 70% Off

April 2, 2018 by Lila Delilah

When you’re sorting through designer collection sale sections you often come across lots of jewelry. Most of the time it’s not very attractive and still highly expensive. During our most recent search through the Saks Fifth Avenue Off-Fifth clearance section we were quite surprised by how many great items of fine jewelry were available near 70% off.

Let’s start out by saying that fine jewelry is technically defined as jewelry constructed from at least 14-karat gold with real gem stones. Vermielle, which is often nice, is not fine jewelry.

Now that we got that out of the way, we can share some of the great finds that we found. Over this way, we found an oversized 18k gold ring from Roberto Coin that’s $1700 from $5300, double drop gold and diamond earrings from Casa Reale are $665 from $1750 and this lariat necklace is perfect for bikini and ab season as it is long enough to reach your belly button and is reduced to $552 from $2400. An Ippolita gold bangle with amethyst and quartz is $1250 from $3300. That’s better than a sample sale.

We aren’t big department store jewelry shoppers. Our tastes tend to be more classic and less trend driven. When we see prices like these, however, it makes us think, we should forget the shoes and buy the jewelry.


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