The IT-It: Fringed Bags

March 29, 2018 by Lila Delilah

There is noting like swaying in the Spring breeze. This season, you can take it literally and let it all hang out with the hottest bag style of the season: Fringe.

Fringed bags are one of those classic styles that is a mainstay on the merry-go-round of trends. They are a bit bohemian, a touch of 70s glamour and have a hint of country Western flare. Calvin Klein lets it hang low in his fringe version of the bucket bag ($2250), Loewe ($1890) and Balenciaga ($2690) paint their logos over the fringe and even Prada’s Glace Etiquette ($2200) has grown some long sway.

Some less expensive options include this Alexander Wang ‘Dustbag’ that’s $695,  Diana von Furstenberg offers up a colorful raffia fringe ($598) and here is a studded fringe tote from Gum that’s only $144.

As for styling tips, we would only suggest pairing your new ‘stings’ with some great oversized 70s style glasses. This way you can hide when your bag whips about as you briskly walk away.


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