NYFW: Five Minutes With Dennis Basso

February 13, 2018 by Lila Delilah

By Cameron Tewson of FrontRowEdit.co.uk 

Congratulations on the show you just previewed. Tell me more about your autumn- winter 2018 collection.

This collection’s inspiration was based on the Dennis Basso woman of the past 35 years translating some of the iconic looks for the modern woman of 2018.

Talk me through your design process and how do you source inspiration, particularly your autumn-winter 2018 collection?

Inspiration for me comes from everywhere I look, whether it’s the beautiful city streets or architecture. Anywhere that there is something visual to take in. All of this slowly sends you in a direction and at that point you run with it.

Describe your autumn winter 2018 girl in three words?

Modern, International, Flirtatious

Why did you choose St. Bartholomew’s Church as your show venue?

The architecture is magnificent. It is just a beautiful way to see these gorgeous models go up and down the aisle. It’s really an iconic building in New York and I like the idea of being a piece of history.

With so many memories made, what would you say one of your career highlights has been to date?

My career highlight was when I first moved my show to be part of official NYFW.

What celebrity would you like to see if your collection and why?

I wouldn’t mind designing something for Sofía Vergara. I think she is exciting, gorgeous and embodies the feel of the Dennis Basso international woman.

You have been in the industry over 35 years, what do you think about American fashion?

American fashion is a very important part of fashion worldwide. Many years ago when I first started everyone looked to shows in Paris and Milan as setting the benchmark, but today all eyes are on American fashion. America has some of the most important designers in the world.

What do you think has happened to the design culture over the past 20 years?

More of the rules are being broken about what people wear, what time of day they are wearing and what season they are wearing. Everything has changed. It’s very modern and people are interpreting fashion in their own way.

How do you make your QVC line different to your main-line?

At QVC the price point is completely different ranging from $50-200, whereas my Madison Avenue store collection ranges from $5,000 to $300,000. I think that we’re making faux fur for television and popular place clothing which is great because it allows so many people access to the Dennis Basso look at a reasonable price point.

In 2011, you launched your first exclusive collection of bridal designs, what made you decide to enter the bridal

Bridal is a very fun area because you’re really dealing with probably a woman’s happiest moment. There are trends in bridal, but at the same time it gives you the liberty to design many different looks and for many different style brides from the princess bride – to the sexy bride – to the sophisticated bride. The list goes on and on, and what you’re really doing when a woman is getting married her wedding dress really is her red carpet.


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