Neiman Marcus Hits Last Call at 80% Off

February 20, 2018 by Lila Delilah

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all that wonderful merchandise at Neiman Marcus that goes un-purchased, we have the answer. In just a matter of weeks, it pops up at the brand’s discount store, Last Call.

Neiman Marcus Last Call stores have received new arrivals direct from Neiman Marcus. The discount usually starts at about 65% off original retail but extra promotions often bring the total savings to over 80% off.

Keep your eyes open, we have heard recent reports of Moncler coats and in past years we’ve spotted Chanel clothing discounted almost 90% off retail. We’ve also heard that the discounter receives Chanel bags from time to time but doesn’t display them. We suggest asking a sales manager if you’re on the hunt.

Last Call online also has plenty of good finds. A Tom Ford dress is about $1000 from $5000, a Mary Katrantzou romper is $360 from $1700, a Milly off-the-shoulder blouse is $70 from over $300 and a Saint Laurent metallic minidress is $870 from $5000.


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