Inside Bergdorf Goodman 75% Off (Pics)

January 12, 2018 by Lila Delilah

You should head straight to Bergdorf Goodman ff you’re looking to shop truly amazing markdowns. Right now, designer clothing is discount ed 75% off and most shoes and bags are reduced 50%.

To sweeten the deal even more, if that’s possible, Bergdorfs will be enticing customers with an extra 25% off starting online on Sunday. The additional markdown will only last three days and ends on Tuesday.

We decided to get ahead of the rush and scope out what’s treasures are still available. There aren’t many handbags left over. The big standout is a Valentino Demilune chevron tote bag that started at $3400. After the additional 25% off, the final price will be $1312. There are lots of these Proenza bucket bags, Altuzarra and Tom Ford styles. You can see pictures over this way.

Moving on to the shoe department, there are still lots of great styles from which to choose. The discount is currently 50% off most shoes and boots. In stores, there are a scattering of Chanel and Louboutin shoes still left. The discount isn’t as high on these brands. One of the most extravagant finds, is a pair of classic Chanel croc flats. They are currently reduced to $5000 from $7000. They are still ridiculous at $3700, when the extra 25% off kicks in.

More reasonable finds include, Fendi sock heels that are about $500, Louboutin bow heels that are $625 from $900, and No21 floral print bow mules that are $472 from $945. (Remember, there will be an extra 25% off starting Sunday.) Over here you can see more pictures of our in-store scout.

The very best discounts can be found on the third floor. Designer clothing is now discounted 75% and the additional 25% will bring the total savings to almost 80% off. A Vetements blue puffer is about $1000 from $5000, a Shiro Sakai stripped jacket is about $1000 from $3000. An embellished Libertine Union Jack print trench is also about $1000. A Stella McCartney sequined dress is $803 from $3300, a Valentino floral print dress is $672 from $2700 and Loewe jeans patchwork jeans are $450 from $1300. Click this way to see pics.

We suggest you head over to the store now and start putting your anticipated purchases on the side. Online shoppers should load up their carts and keep their fingers on the trigger button. This will be the last markdown and the best promotion of the season.


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