Wearhouse Valentino Clearance Sale: Pictures

December 15, 2017 by Lila Delilah

It’s holiday party season and dressing in another mass retail’s designer imposter just isn’t the way to kick off the new year. It’s time to celebrate and let the real you shine through. Nothing can substitute for being genuine inside and out.

When we are looking for iconic designer pieces without spending all of our future 2018 earnings, we head to Wearhouse, in Great Neck, LI. Wearhouse is a massive retail space that is essentially an designer outlet with all the furnishings of a high-end boutique. There are helpful sales people and even a tailor on premises. This is the place you go to find real couture pieces for elaborate events, a demure cocktail dresses, polished work attire and even some elevated casual wear. (Click for pics.)

What better? Starting Sunday, Wearhouse will be hosting a massive clearance sale where designer clothing and gowns from Valentino, Naeem Khan and Piazza Sempione will all be reduced to 70% off. There will also be assorted shoes, bags and accessories from the same designers, discounted 70% off too. (You can see pictures over here.)

We suggest you take inventory of your 2018 social and travel calendar, and plan accordingly. Who wouldn’t rather spend $300 on real Naeem Khan than something Chloe-ish? Keep an eye out for a great selection of coats, which we find nearly irresistible. After all, you can wear anything under a coat and still look New York amazing.

Wearhouse Clearance Sale
Sunday, December 17 through Tuesday, December 19
Sunday 10am-5pm & Monday to Thurs 9:30am-6pm
8 Hicks Lane
Great Neck, NY
Now accepting phone orders: 516-466-5959

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