White Winter Hot with Sunglasses

November 21, 2017 by Lila Delilah

Winter isn’t usually considered high sunglass season but fashion insiders know that eyewear trends begin during the coldest months of the year. Finding the right shades shouldn’t be difficult regardless if you’re planning on hiding behind them on slopes of Vail, on  the beaches of Mayakoba, or yes, even the side streets along Madison Avenue.

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The general idea is to find glasses that flatter your face, but true fashionistas tends to skew away from conventional wisdom. We prefer the esthetic of something that offers ‘eye-popping’ intrigue. Generally, we are suckers for anything a bit different. Nordstrom hands down has the best selection of sungglasses than any other store.

Take heart shape glasses, for instance. The look is iconic, full of personality and perfect for great Instagram images.  Our absolute favorite are these hearts from Takesh ($169). They come in black, black/blue and red. Of course, you should opt for the red. Saint Laurent is also offering a little love for the eye in clear or black heart shaped frames ($490). Over this way, is a less expensive option form Preverse ($55).

If you’re not feeling the love for heart shapes, then you might want to consider something in rainbow. Here is a pair of classic Ray-Bans with a rainbow mirrored lens ($178). These Gucci glasses offer some Roy-G-Biv with colored crystals ($1175) around the oversized frames. Our favorite-favorite, are not traditional rainbow but colored enough: square frame Gucci glasses with colored stripes ($400).

The other big trend going into next season is space age shapes. Like these rimless shield glasses from Givenchy ($495), this funky all frame style from Balenciaga ($495), the angular Rockstud from Valentino ($420) and  these from Gucci ($1105). they which look like they were stolen from Elton John in 1975?

Online shoppers should take advantage of the free shipping and free returns offered by Nordstrom. If only all stores had such a great selection and were as easy to shop as Nordstrom.

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