What We Really Bought on Black Friday

November 24, 2017 by Lila Delilah

Are Black Friday deals really that good? Eh, kind of.

We find that holiday hype and the pent up frustration from family overtime, drives much of our consumerism. After investigating the purchases of friends, family, along with our personal shopping, we began to see some trends.

One is that most of what we really bought on Black Friday were minor purchases. There was no extravagant jewelry, no cars, no mega-expensive handbags. Another theme is that people seemed to purchase the items they needed and were holding back to buy. The third, and final observation, is that Starbucks was consistently more crowded than most any store. People are spending more time browsing in shops and shopping online.

Milly high-wasted dress pants ($310 from $400 or buy Gilt credits for more than 50% off): Incredibly flattering and versatile. Plan on pairing them with Frame gold high-neck blouse($300). Just waiting for the top to go on sale.

Gucci Jordaan Loafers ($695): The last pair in my size that hasn’t been price hiked to $730.

Precious Moment girl’s jacket ($196 from $280): She needed a new jacket and this brand is priced much higher in US stores.

Girl’s J. Crew Coat ($82 from $138): She likes the stars.

Mr & Mrs. Italy fur lined boots ($336 from $480): I fell in love with them while writing this post. This can be a dangerous job.

Eye charm necklace ($55 from $102): Needed to stock up on some girl’s birthday gifts.

Celine-esque white pumps ($120 from $150): They aren’t practice enough to spend lots of money and I really loved the heel on this version.

Diptyque Scented Oval (5 for $190 from $240) : Always a welcomed holiday gift.


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