Saks Gift Card Promotion Starts Now

September 18, 2017 by Lila Delilah

It’s officially gift card season. Various department stores are offering gift card incentives to customers who purchase full price merchandise. This is a great opportunity to get an extra sweet gift card on an item we were going to buy anyway. While we are at it, why not seek out the best gift card.

Last week Barneys started their promotion, where customers can earn $25 gift cards for every $250 you spend. (You can see more details about the Barneys deal over here.) Saks Fifth Avenue has an even sweeter deal, where you can earn $35 in credits for every $250 you spend. Use the code SEPT2017 to engage the promotion.

Some Saks highlights include those Saint Laurent Niki boots in the short version, which are ‘just’ $2900. (A steal when compared to the OTK version that’s 10-grand.) A suede version is $1200. This Michael Kors boot has a similar heel and is priced at $800.

Among the most popular handbags this season, we are a bit confused by Gucci’s Totem. Is wearing one bag at a time so boring that you need to stack them down to your ankles. See here. Among other bags we don’t understand this season, is the Fendi logo bag. The new logo looks like a bad Canal Street logo mistake. We absolutely love Prada’s velvet bags but $2700 — it’s just priced too high.

The gift card promotion is live online and is available in stores on Wednesday and Thursday. The gift cards are only valid until the end of October, so you might want to scope out how to use them even before you make your purchase. There are more designer exclusions at Saks, which can make the Barneys deal better. Just read the fine print before making any final purchases.


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