The It-It: The Return of the Pointy Toe

August 8, 2017 by Lila Delilah

It never fails. As soon as I throw my arms up and give an item away it comes back into style with a vengeance. Only last season, I sold a haul of pointy toe shoes. There were jeweled Prada kitten heels, eccentric Maud Frizon printed heels and old Giuseppe Zanotti sky-high heels. All had exaggerated pointy toes that I thought were unwearable.

In a matter of months, pointy toe heels are back with a vengeance. Some of our favorites include Balenciaga’s pointed slides, Celine’s pointed toe pumps, Prada’s satin kitten heels with faux pearls and Gucci’s cherry heels. These Stella McCartney checkered pumps are even on sale and are quite the steal for just $300 from nearly $1200.

It’s hard to choose which pair to choose for Fall. It even hurts more to know that I had so many unique styles sitting in my closet for so many years. Too bad that there isn’t a closet that expands over time so that we can keep everything we have ever loved.


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