The IT-It: Crushing on Crushed Velvet

August 24, 2017 by Lila Delilah

It was only a year ago that we started falling in love with anything plush and velvety. It started with soft and luxurious pointy-toe heels and moved along to luscious velvet bags. The velvet variety of luxury is here for another round but this time we are crushing it.

Crushed velvet is a little less polished and formal than it’s twin sister but has lots of layers and texture to add to your everyday ensemble. Checkout this vibrant blue draped crushed velvet top from Maison Margiela ($1865). We love the color and movement and it pairs so perfectly with wide leg pants. Oscar Tiye ($720) has these sensuous crushed velvet heels, which pair perfectly with cropped jeans. Right this way are… crushed velvet socks ($13). Imagine these worn with these Saint Laurent platform sandals. It would be insane!💛💛💛

Just take note of a few styling tips. Nobody wants to look like a 90s reenactment. First, never, ever, ever wear crushed velvet leggings. It’s a rule you can’t break no matter how good it looks on so-and-so celebrity. Velvet dresses are heavy and hard to pull off. Crushed velvet dresses are almost alway a disaster. Lastly, if you wear one item of crushed velvet you should keep the rest of your outfit basic.


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