Inside the Mara Hoffman Sample Sale

June 7, 2017 by Lila Delilah

We arrived at the preview of the Mara Hoffman sample sale just minutes before  closing and was surprised to find the space filled with dozens of fully naked women. The setting was made even more awkward by the fact that most of the sales staff are men who were, understandably, trying not to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

The lack of changing room space is reason enough to make sure you dress for this sample sale occasion. We suggest that anyone planning on attending this sale to come prepared wearing a camisole or sports bra with booty shorts or leggings. After all, Mara Hoffman is most known for her flattering swim and beachwear.

Prices are nicely discounted but not more than an end-of-season retail sale. Print and solid bikini tops and bottoms are $40 each, one pieces are $75, embellished bikinis are $50 each for a tops and bottoms and embellished one pieces are $90. Sarongs are $50 each. Among the clothing, maxi dresses are plentiful and priced at $115, jumpsuits are $120 and tops are $55. (You can see pictures and more pricing right over here.)

We didn’t see anything at the sale from this current season’s collection but found many of the items listed in the sale section of the Mara Hoffman website. It appears as if the brand is clearing out it’s warehouse because even an industry expert couldn’t identify a bulk of the merchandise.

The sale also includes a hefty assortment from the designer’s activewear collection. Sports bras are $40, leggings are $60, sweatpants are $70 and sweatshirts are $50. There is even one rack of bridal gowns at the sale. We suppose you can use these gowns as an opportunity to add a wardrobe change during the big day.

Before you head to Soho, we suggest you first look online. Many sites have items priced at about the same if not less. For instance, here is a pair of leggings for $52, this maxi dress is $121 and this one piece bathing suit is $90. We have several more good finds in the scroll above.

We are confident that there will be additional markdowns before the sale ends on Sunday. We will add an update to the top of the post when we we receive additional information.

Mara Hoffman Sample Sale
Through Sunday, June 11
Wed to Thurs. 9am-8pm, Fri & Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-5pm
260 Sample Sale: 150 Greene Street


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