Golden Goose Sneakers Under $200

June 29, 2017 by Lila Delilah

Golden Goose sneakers can spotted on fashion girls of all ages, ranging from teenagers to grandmothers. The iconic Italian sneaker can be easily identified by the oversized star and worn-looking soles.

We first spotted this Italian brand of footwear about two years ago but the combination of the high prices and sneaker boredom kept us a reluctant customer. Considering the growing popularity and rising prices, we were excited to find a large assortment of Golden Goose markdowns. Some styles are discounted to under $200 when retail prices can easily exceed $500.

Italist currently has a very wide assortment of Golden Goose sneakers reduced 25% to 35% off their already lower European prices. Here is a pair of yellow sneakers with a white star that come to just $179 or a light blue sneaker with a white star for the same price. Here is a black sneaker with a silver star for $187 or a white sneaker with a gold star for $167.

Italist is a no-frills European designer website, which means that the prices are low but you will play for  shipping and returns. On the bright side, there is no sales tax (unless you live in California). As New Yorkers, we can define that as an additional 9% savings.

For these prices, you can justify grabbing a pair for yourself and your middle schooler. Besides, how else can you make yourself feel better while they are away at summer camp?


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