The IT-it: The Manicure 💅 That Will Make You Happy

March 24, 2017 by Lila Delilah

A great fashion purchase can be uplifting but the right manicure can have similar powers. LeChat’s Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish is quite literally is a mood changer.

This high-tech thermo sensitive polish transforms color according to temperature. One moment your nails can be teal blue and the next, a light lavender. The transition from one color to the other is the most intriguing. The ombre effect during the color change is as delightful. It’s hard to keep yourself from checking and the activity is quite amusing.

LeChat’s Perfect Match Mood Polish comes in 60 colors, including Crimson Nightfall that changes from red to black, Sunset Beach that changes from orange to a misty-rose and, our favorite, Trissie that goes from a deep violet to a light lavender. The gel polishes can be found on Amazon and ranges in price from $13 to $15 a bottle, depending on the seller.

If you’re not someone who likes to commit to a gels, LeChat also offers standard color changing polish ($10). The colors are nearly identical to the gel options.

Its hard to understate how much we’ve loved wearing this polish. You can bet it’s going to be a major part of our Summer rotation. A special shout-out to Elvira for sharing your secret manicure 💅.

LeChat Match Mood Gels ($13.24)
LeChat Dare to Wear Mood Colors ($10.95)


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