The IT's-Not: Three Trends Must Die in 2017

January 12, 2017 by Lila Delilah

Every season there is a fresh crop of fashion shapes, the-newest-shade-of-black and a fad-of-the-moment. The newness is always exciting but it always means that other trends must reach their expiration date. There are three trends that we are really looking forward to expiring. In reality, it will probably take some more time until the fashion universe completely tires but the clock is ticking.

The choker is the biggest jewelry trend since the ear cuff. We’ve recently witnessed the introduction of the men’s version and Matt Lauer sporting the look on the Today Show. It’s enough. Instead opt for longer chains that drape and offer a more delicate effect. If all else fails, we are happy to go back to the ear cuff or just knock a few more holes in the ear.


Yes, the DHL sweatshirts were amusing but the best thing about Vetements are the debates it sparks within the fashion community. It’s been year of twitter fodder. Vetements offers a low-brow aesthetic at an extravagant price point. We cannot fathom justifying any such type of purchase. It’s an ironic joke where some of the most ‘stylish’ are the subject. We are tired of the conversation. We are tired of the joke. It’s not so funny. It’s not so cool. Lets move on. If you love the casual esthetic of streetwear opt for something more affordable and truly cool: Off-White.

Emojis, Patches and Monsters

Fashion has become so sweet that you can feel diabetes coming on. We’ve done the emojis, the patches and the monster faces. It’s no longer novel, exciting or so cute (if you’re over the age four). They had a long run but it’s time to move on. This season we prefer a much more subtle personality. A bright piping accent or twisted and braided handbag handles seem to hit the right tone. We are especially fund of Elena Ghisellini’s designs that seem a lot more reasonable in a era where almost everything has become a joke.


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