Gift Guide: Lets Get Techie

December 16, 2016 by Lila Delilah

We know that you are at least slightly tech competent if you’re a blog reader. Techie gifts used to be geared towards men but women enjoy modernization as much as the next guy. This holiday season there is a full corp of wanna-try and must have techie and  travel items. Below is a compilation of some of our favorites.

1. If you updated your iPhone to a 7, chances are you miss using your favorite headphones. Without a headphone jack we’ve been forced to experiment with bluetooth speakers but many of us just want old pair back. If this is the case, there is the Mpow’s Bluetooth Adaptor, a nifty little attachment that bridges the gap between your bluetooth device and your favorite plug-in. The beat part is that it’s just $32 and can be used with any speaker.

2. Everyone has a thing for Alexa these days. The Echo Dot is Amazon’s award winning smart hands-free, voice-controlled device that plays music, controls smart home devices, provides information on demand, reads the news, sets alarms and cooks dinner. (Just kidding about the last feature.) Basically, for $40 you can have a fantastic speaker and order your Prime items just by vocalizing your order. (Be careful of the kids getting wind of this feature!)

3. Okay, the Rimowa Salsa is just a suitcase. It won’t even charge your phone but it looks great and you can pack all your techie gear inside. As a packing tip, we always take a large bag and a smaller one. Spreading your belongings among two cases will assure that you’re never overweight. We especially like the combination of the 29″ with the 26″. Take note, Louis Vuitton purchased the Rimowa brand earlier this year and we wouldn’t be surprised if prices began to quickly rise.

4. There are a lot of things we put on a pedestal. So why shouldn’t your phone charge on a marble base? The Native Union marble iPhone charger ($130) looks super chic on a kitchen counter and assures you don’t drop your phone in the sink.

5. We all know that New York winters are brutal. The lack of sunshine only makes the sub-zero temperatures even more unbearable. Many people find that mornings are a lot easier with gradual natural light rousing you from your sleep. The Verily Rise & Shine( $49) allows you to choose your light level, slumber sounds and will help you count down the days to Spring.


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