Your Pre-Holiday Shopping Spree

November 9, 2016 by Lila Delilah

The holiday season isn’t technically underway but that doesn’t stop the Salvation Army bells from ringing. We all know that means the pressure to buy gifts for everyone isn’t too far away. Before you go for broke pleasing and impressing, we suggest you take these final Fall moments to shop for yourself.

Nordstrom’s designer section is the best it’s ever been. Cruise items are just arriving and it’s the perfect opportunity to grab those fabulously indulgent items. The Gucci assortment is particularly incredible. Check out these rainbow stacked platform sneakers, the classic Gucci mule that have been updated with a slingback and the new version of the Yolo loafer with a wraparound snake motif. We can’t get enough of this Givenchy leather jacket with a detachable racing trim and this Saint Laurent bag with star patches keeps calling my name.

Over here is the Roksanda dress that Maliania Trump wore during the RNC convention. It’s no doubt a little piece of political history. You’ll be sure to be the most fashionable person, at even the most avant-garde gallery party, wearing this Junya Wantanabe 3D cut top or this Mira Mikati rocket themed coat. The matching sunny flower skirt will warm even the chilliest of souls.

As always, online shoppers should take advantage of Nordstrom’s great customer service, which features free shipping and free returns. If only everything about the holiday season was as easy to shop as Nordstrom.

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