Inside the Sales: Cire Trudon and DVF

November 15, 2016 by Lila Delilah

We must say it was a busy Monday. We can’t remember the last time we took on a double header. We started the morning investigating the Diane von Furstenberg sample sale and then headed further downtown to Century 21 to sniff out Cire Trudon’s luxury candles.

Here’s our full report:

Diane von Furstenberg
The first day of Diane von Furstenberg’s sample sale always starts off with VIP early access. This is where you normally find scurrying employees, editors, d-list celebrities and, sometimes, some models. Today we found nobody. The sale preview was basically empty, despite the fact that fifty people were waiting outside. The reason could be because the DVF sale has lost a lot of it’s excitement.

For starters, there is no sample sale rack, which was always a big hit as everything was priced at $50. The end of an era, we suppose. What you will find are plenty of dresses, jumpsuits and tops from this and last season’s collections. All dresses are $100 and wrap dresses are $125. Gowns are $175. Coats, outerwear and leather goods are $250. On the racks we found lots of lace dresses in assorted colors, this silk print wrap dress that hasn’t even hit stores yet and a few of these ivory leather moto jackets in assorted sizes.

We think the sale is still very pricey but we know that there will be discounts later in the week. We would suggest holding off until prices make the trip worth while. Considering the quite morning, we don’t think it’s going to be a problem finding pieces to buy. You can click here to see pictures from our shopping trip and the full price list.

Cire Trudon
Lighting a candle that doesn’t properly envelop the room with fragrance feels like setting a $100 bill on fire. That’s why we always like to stay loyal to the candle brands that we trust. Cire Trudon has earned a space at the top of the luxury candle hierarchy for their handmade votives and hand-poured waxes. We also love that the fragrances aren’t so floral and sweet that it makes you feel like you sprayed perfume at CVS.

Prices are a straight 50% off retail. Classic candles are $50, gifts sets containing three candles are $100, extra large size candles are $275, travel room sprays are $40 and Carriere Freres classic candles are the best deal at just $25. The available fragrances are La Marquise, Pondichéry, Mademoiselle De La Valliere, Solis Rex, Aed El Kader among others.

The inventory isn’t huge but prices are a bit high for a sample sale setting. We suggest heading to the sale by Tuesday morning if you’re a big fan of the brand’s candles. If you’re just a casual shopper, you might consider waiting until Wednesday.


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