Head to H&M Now for Kenzo

November 4, 2016 by Lila Delilah

We aren’t normally fans of big and splashy hi-lo designer collaborations. Most of the time, the hype is overkill, the lines are nuts and everything worthwhile is sold out within moments of doors opening. This wasn’t the case with today’s Kenzo launch at H&M.

We stopped by several H&M stores and almost the entire collection is still available. As a matter of fact, we liked the collection much better on the sales floor than we did in press promos and advertisements. It appears as if the styling in the promos was over top for most customers. Ultimately,  each piece, individually can really spice up a wardrobe.

For instance, we couldn’t resist this real silk red tiger print blouse with contrasting ruffles ($79). It will look amazing with a black leather skirt and this ruffled orange sweatshirt ($49) is perfect for jeans and boots. Our favorite item are these dramatic opera length gloves ($80). Granted, the Kenzo items can’t be described as inexpensive but the quality is pretty good.

We wouldn’t suggest going crazy on these wild print items but we defiantly encourage an impulse purchase or two. We have a feeling that you will be glad you did. The collection is also still available online if you’re not a fan of the H&M shopping experience. Today, happened to be more pleasant that ever. We couldn’t be more thrilled.


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