The IT-It: Waste Trainers and Corsets

October 11, 2016 by Lila Delilah

The origins of the corset is unknown but the goal has remained consistent: to lift the breasts and cinch the waist. A tiny middle of just 18-inches has been a mythical goal for centuries and fashion achieving the goal by turning the look inside out.

Slowly, slowly we have seen the resurgence of the corset or, now called, the waist trainer. Kim Kardashian showed off the secret to her hourglass figure this past Summer, which happens to be the inexpensive Ann Chery Waist Trainer. Supposedly, the latex core garment is supposed to redistribute fat cells but we are more realistic and would be satisfied with the cosmetic outcome.

Coming this Spring, corsets and waist trainers are destined to become a outer garment as well as an undergarment. On the most recently runways collection, designers ranging from Versace to Balmain, spotlighted the nipped middle. They are sown worn over dresses, as dramatic belts and lace-up blouses.

Knowing how strong this trend will be, we started looking at what we can find in stores now. Alaia is known for putting emphasis on the waist with shapely belts, this season’s Prada corset belts were one of the most photographed items throughout ‘Fashion Month.” Alexander McQueen designer, Sarah Burton’s corset dress give a great illusion and makes the waist look tiny-tiny. There are some great Balmain items too, like this strapless Bubble dress and a Corset Bodice dress.

We are quite excited to celebrate the voluptuous body. and all its curves After all, as the saying goes– waist not, want not.


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