Nordstrom’s Incredible Designer Collections

October 4, 2016 by Lila Delilah

It’s hard to believe that we have two Saks stores, two Barneys, two Bloomingdales but still no Nordstrom. We hear that one is coming soon but it’s been almost a decade of talks and there still isn’t an accessible Nordies.

What’s making Nordstrom’s absence even harder to digest is the killer job Olivia Kim has done since taking over as creative director a few years ago. For now, we will have to settle with shopping the incredible selection online.

Check out the assortment of Vetements pieces. It’s hard to endorse a $1500 Monster Mash-era hoodie  but the shape and lines of this high-neck Victorian dress is remarkable. Check out the lines on this military jacket— it’s surely not standard issue.

If you still haven’t invested in a great moto jacket, there is an amazing selection including versions from Saint Laurent, a fox trim version from Marc Jacobs, a Loewe version that’s so buttery soft and this classic from Rick Owens.

Nordstrom’s is also dependable when every other store has sold out of your size Gucci shoe. They are one of the only stores that seems to remain fully stocked with popular styles like the mule loafer that can also be ordered with fur, the Marmot pump and double-G booties with the pearl heels.

 The handbag selection is also tops. There is the best from this season’s Fendi collection including the monster appliqué 2Jours and the classic Baguette with a monster theme. There is even a great Miu Miu selection, which many stores don’t post online any more.

As always, online shoppers should take advantage of Nordstrom’s great customer service, which features free shipping and free returns. If only all stores were as easy to shop as Nordstrom.

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