Hermes Sample Sale is a Snoozefest

October 20, 2016 by Lila Delilah

There is so much excitement and anticipation that goes into sample sale shopping. The thrill of the hunt and finding hidden treasures can get any fashion lover’s adrenaline pumping. The Hermes sale once was the centerpiece of the sample sale calendar. This year, however, those attending the VIP press preview report it’s a total bore.

As is often the case, there are no leather items– like bags and wallets. To make matters worse there are no enamel bracelets or any jewelry whatsoever. The discount is also less than previous years with markdowns of just 50% for most items. So what will you find? Silks! The sale is loaded with silk (and cashmere) scarves and a plethora of ties.

Our spies also report a nice assortment of shoes, including boots, sandals, heels and flats. Most people don’t come to the Hermes sale for the clothing but there is plenty of ready to wear along with a variety of winter items, like scarves and gloves.

The worst parts about this impending sale are the lines and the wait. Last year, it was a disaster and insiders say that there will be no change to the system of getting into the sale. The only hope is that shoppers will be scared stay away for this sale round. We aren’t quite so optimistic.

Below is a recap of brand new Hermes items you can find online. Some items are even priced less than they would be at a sample sale. No wait, no fuss. Not so much thrill either but we can do without the aggravation.


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