Phat Buddha Sample Sale

June 17, 2016 by Lila Delilah

They say that Summer bodies are made in the Winter, but healthy bodies are perennial. Sometimes, however, the variety of fitness options from Class Pass isn’t even enough to motivate you to squat another inch. That’s why we’ve taken to the reward system…

Experts say that the best way to reinforce good habits is to create a reward system. Our good-job pat-on-the-back is obviously buying  new workout gear. Hello! There’s a reason why every gym has a clothing boutique.

Next week, you can reward yourself and save a bundle at Phat Buddha’s first ever sample sale. If you’re not on the SLT-AKT-FLY circuit, we suggest you study up fast. Phat Buddha is known for their seamless construction and high-fashion edge. It’s a pillar brand at every fitness focused fashion store from Bandier to Shopbop.

The Phat Buddha pop-up will include active wear for men, women and children. Discounts will run from 30% to 60% off retail prices that normal range between $70 and $250. We only wish that exercising were as addictive as shopping.

Phat Buddha Sample Sale
Monday June 20 through Friday, June 24
10am to 7pm daily
501 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor (Elie Tahari Outlet Store)
Between 41st & 42nd St

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