Celine Takes First Markdown

June 14, 2016 by Lila Delilah

A vail of mystery surrounds Celine and their markdowns. Some believe the chic French company never goes on markdown but au contraire mon ami.

Starting today shoppers of the Celine boutique and department stores can begin presaling seasonal Celine items at a discount of 40%. We weren’t given specific details if any bags would go on markdown but you can only suspect it would be seasonal colors in the least desirable style bags.

Moving on to shoes, there are lots of sale styles from which to choose. Included in the markdown are Celine ballet flats in yellow, nude and red and the versions with a heel are reduced in nude and red. There are also lots of espadrille sandals and flatforms. You can click here to see pictures from the Barneys Celine sale.

The sale becomes official on Thursday but we suggest you start sending out serious inquires if you plan on attempting to negotiate a handbag on sale. Just keep in mind, sometimes there is a reason why sale items are put on sale.


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