Barneys Presale Begins With 40% Off

May 17, 2016 by Lila Delilah

Barneys shoppers can begin to presale for the first markdown starting Monday. The discount is 40% across the board– clothing, shoes and bags for men, women and children. Besides the outstanding selection, 40% discounts make Barneys the best department store to shop for Summer deals.

Presales are akin to the “quiet period” before a company goes public. You can’t actually buy the merchandise but you can have your broker, oh sorry– sales person, hold your preferred items until the sale officially begins. Most stores take your credit card information and charge your account when the items ship or are picked up. Chanel, Alaia and Louboutin will not be marked down at any department store or boutique until the beginning of June.

This season has been particularly a difficult time for retailers. Expect to find some unexpected items thrown into the sale pile. For example, Manolo Haganisi heels in various colors are included in this seasons’ markdowns. Also expect to find lots of Valentino, Givenchy and Saint Laurent classics. Stay tuned for more details of what’s included in the first markdown. For now, you can browse some of our favorites below.

Barneys’ sales associates aren’t always forthcoming with presales. If there is an item you want to secure, we suggest that you give your name and number to the respective brand associate and have them call you when the discount becomes available. You can usually expect a call within hours of leaving the store.


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