Grand Opening: Flying Tiger (the Almost $1 Store)

April 25, 2016 by Lila Delilah

We’ve been saying for years that the Upper East Side needs an old-fashioned dollar store. Sometimes you get what you wish for and other times your dreams are answered with interest.

This week, Flying Tiger opened at 1282 Third Avenue (@ 73rd Street) and we are officially addicted. Flying Tiger is a Danish concept store that’s focused on offering customers useful items that are also beautifully designed. The best part, is the prices. Nothing in the store is priced over $20 and most everything we saw was under $10.

Flying Tiger is set up in a maze configuration of themes. This layout coupled with the low displays, allows customers to easily explore the gardening center, office supplies or arts and crafts projects without going up and down traditional aisles. For instance, among the youthful desk supplies are pencils with wooden clown heads ($1), folders with a strawberry print cover ($2) and giant mushroom shape erasers ($1).

Stocking up in the art supply section will make you the number one playdate in the neighborhood. Large blank canvases are just $4, brightly colored no-spill paint cups are $4 (for a set of 4) and a rainbow pack of acrylic paint is also $4. There are glow-in-the-dark paints ($3) and create your own puzzle kits ($1). Along the same theme but in a different section are DIY string cards ($3), packages of mini markers ($2) and sets of blow markers ($3).

Shoppers will be tantalized by the dress-up section were colorful wigs are $5 and funky party glasses are $4. There is a wall of brightly colored greeting cards that are 2-for-$1, gift bags ($1) and wrapping paper. In one of the kitchen set-ups there are brightly colored silicone colanders for $2, cheeky cheese graters are $2, and an apple shape scrubbing sponge is also $2. Stoneware salad plates, coffee mugs and bowls are all $2 each. There are about six different themes and prints. It’s going to be hard to have a party and not buy real serving ware to match the theme.

You can click here to browse through lots more pictures of what Flying Tiger has to offer: electronics, bathroom accessories, organizing necessities, party supplies, exercise equipment and everything else you need and didn’t know you needed. State News and Gracious Home better take note because when you spend $100 in Flying Tiger, you will have more than one bag to show for it.


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