Moncler 40% Off at Bergdorf Goodman

January 22, 2016 by Lila Delilah

Every season we ask sales people about the Moncler markdown and just about everyone responds that Moncler coats and jackets don’t go on sale. Then every year we wait and watch. Then poof, the puffers are discounted.

The Moncler markdown started today at Bergdorf Goodman and most of this season’s coats and jackets are reduced 50%. A blush color knee-length coat is $1170 from $1955, a more classic black is $975 from $1630 and a basic shiny red jacket is $700 from $1170. You can click here to see pictures.

Online shoppers can head this way to browse through a small selection of discounted Monclers. This jacket with fur trim is $1430 from $2375 and a leopard print puffer $1079 from $1795. If you are shopping for children the assortment is large and discounts are 30%.

We haven’t seen Moncler discounts at Barneys, Saks or Bloomingdales just yet. Remember,  they are as sure to come as the impending snow storm. Bundle up!

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