Making the Cold Look Hot

January 25, 2016 by Lila Delilah

We made it through the first part of Winter unscathed by freezing temperatures and cold weather. This week, everything changed. Nearly thirty inches of snow can do that.

Unfortunately, dressing for the coldest and nastiest of days hasn’t brought about the best fashion trends. Uggs and Canada Goose Down are not fashions brightest moments. Cold weather doesn’t need to mean you lose yourself in layers of padding. Our best advice is to dress for the weather. The most stylish of heels look ridiculous in the snow and a little bit of color goes a long way when you’re bulking up.  New York is grey enough without layers of grey and black.

Below is a selection of our favorite ways to keep warm when the mercury drops below freezing. The best part is that our late winter translates to a deluge of highly discounted cold weather clothing,

Leather Leggings:

Coats & Jackets:




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