Charlotte Olympia Sample Sale: Not So Kitty, Kitty

November 18, 2015 by Lila Delilah

The Charlotte Olympia sample sale started early this morning. The sale includes a variety of the designer’s quirky heels and a scattering of kitty flats. Prices are indicated by sticker and start at $150 and go up to $400 for an elaborate bag.

Many shoe styles, including flats, are $250. Most of the selection are summer styles but there is a scattering of in-season and holiday inspired theme shoes. Sizes run from 34 to 42 but the best selection goes to those who wear a size 36. You can click here to see a range of pictures of shoes and bags that we found at the sale.

Considering the limited inventory, we might suggest you head to the Madison Avenue boutique where they started their pre-sale. Prices are 50% off. You can head here and here to see picture books of all items included in the sale at the boutique. The best part is that if you don’t live in New York they will ship to you and most destinations don’t need to pay sales tax.

Sample Sale
Through Thursday, November 19th
Wed 11am—7pm, Thu 9am—7pm
Roosevelt Hotel, 45 E 45th St (btwn Vanderbilt & Madison Ave) Vanderbilt Suite

Harlene 347-307-0145


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