Bonpoint Sample Sale Overflowing With Merchandise

October 21, 2015 by Lila Delilah

The Bonpoint sample sale doesn’t officially start until tomorrow but we were lucky to get our hands on this mini-sized luxury in advance of the doors opening to the public. As usual, the discount on everything is 60% off retail but this season’s sale has more merchandise than we’ve ever seen.

Might we dare say, this is the best Bonpoint sale we’ve ever attended. Almost every category of merchandise can be found at this sale. The merchandise is mainly from last winter’s collection and contains a full range of sizes from bun-out-of-the-oven to size 12. Some of the biggest gets from this sale are the wonderful baby accessories. We found gorgeous baby blanks, sleep sacks, burp cloths and hats. (An abundance of pictures from the sale are right here.)

There is a full selection of inventory for girls and boys. The most attractive department was the outerwear, winter accessories and boots.  Boy’s puffer jackets are normally about $600 and reduced to $240. There are an abundance of girl’s cashmere sweaters that come to about $180 from $300 and a cashmere turtle neck sweater that is $114 from $285. A knit hat was $46 from $115 and a scarf came to $66 from $165.

Taking a look at the shoes, there was a great assortment of boots and flats. Glitter ballerina flats come to about $102 from $255, a suede version with starts is $130 from $325 and biker boots are $144 from $360. Tights seem relatively expensive at $34 from almost $80.

For the boys, there are tons of button shirts that are $60 to $84 from $145 to $210. Trousers are about $60 from $200 and jeans are about $60 following the discount.

Lots of today’s shoppers were buying on behalf of relatives and friends in addition to their own children’s needs. Some people were also clearly stocking up on baby gifts and buying multiple pieces of the same item. Head this way to see pictures from inside the sale.

We expect that the line on Wednesday morning will be very long. We suggest heading over later in the afternoon– when many shoppers are otherwise distracted with pickup and playdates.

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Bonpoint Sample Sale
Wednesday, October 21 & Thursday, October 22
Wed 9am~7pm, Thurs 9am~3pm
123 W. 18th St, 5th Floor (Between 6th & 7th Ave)


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