The Stylish Hostess: Kim Kushner

September 11, 2015 by Lila Delilah

It sometimes takes a new season to get us thinking about how fashion works its way into other segments of our lives. From fashion to food to home design to hostessing, we are always looking to be inspired.

Leave it to food author, Kim Kushner’s newest book, ‘The New Kosher‘, to bring a new twist to fresh and simple. Despite the book’s title, kosher is not the main theme. Kim’s recipes are healthy, seasonal, and hearty but they are also easy and always have lots of of texture.

Like a great Prada piece, Kim suggests recipes that are as classic and playful as a trench coat with a jeweled collar. For example, the author suggests mixing panko with cornflake crumbs and adding a bit of lemon zest and sun-dried tomatoes to make a perfect breading for fish or chicken. The result is flavorful and wonderfully crunchy. Roasting small potatoes with za’atar spices adds an unexpected mouth watering explosion. Using Herbs de Provence on thinly shaved and roasted butternut squash yields a chip that is the food equivalent of a Valentino Rockstud pump– delicate with a bit of attitude.

We couldn’t help ourselves from exploring the connection to simple food and wonderful style. When asking Kim about cooking and fashion she remarked, “I like to wear skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and lots of gold bracelets on most days. The food I cook also reflects who I am. I like simple foods with a little punch or spice.” Continue below to see more about fashion, shopping and cooking with Kim Kushner:

How do you think cooking style and fashion style relate to one another?
I think the connection between cooking and fashion is very personal. Each person may relate differently. For me, the same way I take risks in the kitchen, I also do in fashion. I love trying the new food trends– as I do fashion trends. Color is everything to me– both when it comes to food and fashion. Everyone can pull off a little black dress, just like anyone could pull off white rice. I always seek out intense spices and bold flavors just like I always look for statement jewelry. Most of all, I think food should be fun, just like fashion.

What ingredients are worth a big spurge?
Splurge on seasonal items, like peak season fruits and vegetables, and on classics like, a good olive oil and wine.

Are there foods that clash?
Yes, there are foods that clash. You can’t put too many strong flavored dishes in one meal. I wouldn’t serve curry with merguez– its just too much. Sort of like a dark lip and a smoky eye. The combo is too heavy. [Editorial note: Merguez is a spicy kosher sausage.]

What are some of the big food trends?
It’s all about health these days- kale, quinoa, juices.


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