Fashion Week Trends Spring ’16: Ribbons

September 18, 2015 by Lila Delilah

We are just a few days into fashion week and it doesn’t take long for trends to emerge. We are rounding out the top trends. Expect to see these looks on the street and in pages of your favorite fashion magazines next Spring. Yesterday, we highlighted how shoulders are the new endogenous zone. Today, we take a closer look at how designers are getting strung out on ribbons.

The repeated ribbon and string motif was sprinkled among various shows. The new twist on fringe results in a cleaner and a bit more spare esthetic. You can still feel the throw back to 70s hippie culture but with boho woven through as well. Lets consider it the Tulum effect.

From left to right: Oscar de la Renta, Delpozo, Proenza, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, Wes Gordon


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