The It-It: Lace-Up Flats

August 28, 2015 by Lila Delilah

The change of season is always exciting but there are only a few trends that are really getting us excited for Fall. One item we will not be able to live without is the lace-up flat. This shoe style has been around the block for a few seasons but this is the first time we are seeing it as a flat.

Think of the lace-up flat as an alternitive to the basic ballet flat, smoking slipper or loafer. The best part is that you can find them in a wide variety of price points. The Aquazarra Christy Lace-Up flat ($675 and sold out in many sizes) is the gold standard when it comes to conquering this style. Isabel Marant ($650) offers a similar style with studs, which means you can hit two big trends with one shoe. Tom Ford ($950) even has a version with his signature lock.

Going down market, Zara –of course– has a version that are just $70. Looking to spend even less money to try out this fancy lace-up footwork? Consider this version from Asos has versions that are priced starting at just $50. See below for our favorite lace-up flats for every budget.


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