The IT-it: Brooches

August 13, 2015 by Lila Delilah

When fashion girls sit around yapping about trendy must-haves the conversation does not regularly turn to brooches — but it should. Sure you can pile on bracelets, wear statement earrings or slip on sky-high heels, but none of these items directly changes the look of your outfit as much as a brooch.

The use of brooches date back to ancient times when they were attached to garments to fasten them closed. This brings us to the first and easiest way to utilize a fashionable brooch, which is to secure the plunging neckline of a wrap dress. In almost all circumstances, a brooch is much more aesthetically pleasing than a camisole.

A classic, and functional, combination is a wonderful DVF wrap dress paired with a simple silver Tiffany pin. Another way we love to incorporate a brooch is on the outside of a coat. Affixing a brooch to a coat is a great way to show your individuality and customize your outerwear. The addition of a subtle vintage pin takes the hautness of the coat to new heights.

Formal evening wear can be the most difficult fashion to buy. When done right, the dress you wear could turn out to be more impressive than the date on your arm. Most women have one or two go-to dresses that they wear to formal parties and events. If you’re planning on re-wearing a dress among the same crowed, you can add a bit of drama with a bold brooch.

Then there are the more obvious uses for a brooch. They work great to ornament a winter sweater or basic summer tee. You can use them to fasten a silk scarf or a chunky winter shawl. Those who really like to live on the edge of style can pin a brooch to their turban! (Guys are welcome to try that one too. Karl Lagerfeld says it’s okay.) Try pinning a small brooch on your collar or on the strap of your messenger bag. You can even string a few together and wear it as a necklace. Basically, brooches are a no-brainer.

In addition to the standard vintage and rheinsone brooches mentioned, we love a Chanel vintage Camilla flower, Sonia Rykiel lips, most art deco styles and almost anything from Seaman Schepps. The best part is that great looking brooches are available at every price point. You can get something great for just a few dollars or spend mega-dollars on diamonds and gems.

Now that’s a sweet deal by anyone’s standards.


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