3 of the Most Tired Trends

August 17, 2015 by Lila Delilah

Hot trends can become as easily tired as a song overplayed on the radio. The same holds true with styles that bombard you on every magazine page, on Instagram page and in every store. One moment a trend is novel, the next minute it’s grating on you like a Justin Beiber song.

Below is a list of three trends that have exceeded their expiration date. Not all of these fashions are a faux pas but the fake lashes and knee-high gladiator sandals should be taken out of rotation or the sent to back of the closet.

Exaggerated Fake Lashes

For as long as we can remember we’ve been fed tutorials about smokey eyes and crazy lashes. The Kardashians have taken it to an entirely new level with Barbie style lashes that tickle the eye-brow.
The lush fullness and extra length added glamour and even seemed to create a more youthful appearance without the need of an MD.

Recently, the falsies combined with dark liner and eye shadow are having the opposite effect. Young girls readying for big events look more like the mother-of-the-bride than a sweet 16 or prom date. For 2015/2016 we prefer the glowing glamour that is created by Charlotte Tilbury or Kate Lee.

Instead of piling on the drama we suggest adding to your natural glow. After all, there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman’s natural radiance.

Knee High Gladiator Sandals 

It was several years ago when we first saw knee high gladiator sandals. They were so novel and looked amazing worn by leggy models on the pages of glossy magazines. The problem arose when mortals began experimenting with the look.

Lets face it, all bodies are beautiful but not everything looks flattering on everyone. Thankfully, the look quickly died out but then it seems to sprout up with more voracity than before. It was like a evil virus that turned into a shoe tragedy.

The problem is that they are the focal part of any look and sadly visually cut the leg. Most women end up appearing shorter and stockier than they actually are. Unless you are signed with Wilhelmina Models, we suggest you opt for ankle length lace-ups. You can’t go wrong with anything scrappy from Aquazzura.

Multi-Colored Fur

Love it or hate it, fur is part of fashion. Whether you opt for faux or genuine, opting for bright patchwork is a huge faux pas. The trend first became popular in 2012 when Fendi, Prada and Roksanda Ilincic turned fur into the likes of Piccasso and Matisse.

With most luxe items, less is more. The adage couldn’t be more true when it comes to fur.


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