Inside Barneys Summer Sale

June 11, 2015 by Lila Delilah

We are driving full speed into sale season and couldn’t help but collect intelligence from the store with the best shoe discount… and bag discount… and second markdown on most clothing. Yes, the discounts at Barneys are topping 60% off.

On the first floor, sale bags are in the right alcove. There you will find several styles of Balenciaga, Chloe and Givenchy marked 40% off. You can click here to see almost all the sale bags. Some highlights include a Givenchy Pandora with a snakeskin front for $2189 from $4150 and several Antigona totes for $1079 from almost $1800. A classic black Chloe Emma bucket bag is $1250 from almost $2100. Alaia portfolio clutch with rivets is $1124 from $1875.

Hitting the upstairs shoe department, the sale section contained lots of designer Birkenstock-type styles, Aquazzura lace-ups and wedges. Pics are over here. Notably missing, are the sale Chanels and Louboutins. The red soles are currently being pre-sold for an official sale start date of Friday but sales people claim to not know what Chanel styles will be marked down later this month. It’s quite easy to guess: summer styles minus the super classics.

Most shoes are 40% off. Some notable sale styles are Balenciaga wedges are reduced to $399 from $665, Lanvin flats for $299 from $495 and Alaia heels for $799 from $1340. We also saw these glitter Givenchy Birks, Chloe wedge/clog-hybrids and these Aquazzura flats. Many of the styles we saw are not online but some online winners include the lovely lace-up Isabel Marants that are $639 from $1060.

While sorting through the sale clothing you will find that much of the merchandise has been marked down a second time. The discount on most clothing is 60% off. What’s nice about the current shopping experience is that the sale clothing is in its respective places as opposed to the sale exile that comes later in the season.

Among the Prada clothing we found cotton stripped dresses for $509 from $1280, a tapestry patchwork dress is $1329 from $3320 and a long silk print dress is $1269 from $3170. Moving on, there was a long Nina Ricci two-tone long vest dress for $1109 from $2780. Virtually the entire Dolce & Gabbana collection is 60% off too. All the flower prints are still available: red flowers on black, red flowers on white polkadots and purple wisteria on white, white flowers on black and yellow flowers on black. Here are photos.

Some designers, like Celine, are still at 40% off. It seems as if prices are being slowly modified according to designer collection. We would suggest grabbing any iconic pieces now, while this markdown is still on the DL. Click here to see dozens of pictures from todays shopping trip.

Givenchy Pandora with a snakeskin front for $2189 from $4150 

Antigona totes for $1079 from almost $1800

black Chloe Emma bucket bag is $1250 from almost $2100

Alaia portfolio clutch with rivets is $1124 from $1875

YSL Bags

Givenchy $1619 from $2695


$659 from $1095

$599 from $995

$449 from $750

$399 from $665

Lanvin $299 from $295

Manolo $449 from $745 and Givenchy Birks $629 from $1050



Alaia $799 from $1340

Prada $719

Prada $1329 from $3320

Prada $1269 from $3170









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