Henri Bendel Hostess Gifts 50% Off

June 30, 2015 by Lila Delilah

This is among the biggest getaway weekends of the year. If you don’t have a retreat of your own it’s likely you will be finding refuge with friends and family. The only thing harder than hosting guests is figuring out what to buy a hostess.

Fear no more, Henri Bendel is fully stocked with thoughtful and fashionable gifts for your hostess. The best part is that most everything is 50% off, which means you can buy twice as much. After all, a hostess never complained of a guest that was too indulgent.

Some standout items include this multi-layer charm bracelet that’s now $99, stripped canvas tote bags that are $44, a large fold-out cosmetic/jewelry bag is $64. Online shoppers can save an extra 20% by forking over their email addy. The selection in the store seems slightly larger and purchases can be messengered in Manhattan for about $25. Here are some pics to browse what’s in the store.

Although we love a little $12 ‘wet bikini’ pouch as much as any girl it is really unfortunate to see this incredible space not being used to its full potential. We loved the days of turning into a nook and falling in love with a design or item that was truly unique and fashion forward.

For now, we will be satisfied with Henri Bendel warming the heart of our hostess but hope that it will continue to transform.


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