Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Flower Pot Cake

May 4, 2015 by Lila Delilah

When it comes to Mother’s Day the most universally accepted gifts are flowers or something sweet. Brooklyn-based Made From Heaven Cakes has created the most unique love-child of our classic favorites. The Flower Pot Cake is one of the most fashionable and delicious statement pieces you can buy mom.

We were recently gifted with one of these botanical treats and displayed the cake where we would normally leave a vase of flowers. Every guest –including a troupe of 4-year-olds– was tricked and amazed by the creativity and beauty of this confectious creation. Part of the magic is created from the sugar flowers and the “dirt” is crumbled cake.

It was hard to cut open but we are glad we did because the inside was almost as good as the outside. The chocolate cake was light and not overly rich and the buttercream was sweet but not too thick. Lots of other cake and filling options are available.

In addition to their flower cakes, Made From Heave Cakes is well known for their wedding cakes. They have also earned major fashion props with their construction of a Christian Louboutin fashioned cake for Barneys, a cake replica of a Sephora shopping bag for the beauty brand and a Mansur Gavriel bucket back for Elle magazine, among others.

The Mother’s Day flower pot cake is $125 and can be shipped anywhere in the country or hand delivered in the New York area. The only remaining question is which gym membership goes best with the cake.


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