Lilly Pulitzer Trickles Back Into Stores

April 27, 2015 by Lila Delilah

It was just last week that Lilly-Pulcalypse ensued in Target stores. The backlash from the lack of inventory even reached the Washington Post where  Robin Givhan angrily wrote, “The classic Lilly Pulitzer dress comes in shrill shades of yellow and pink that are vaguely infantilizing.”

If you’re not sipping from the sour grapes of the Washington Post, we can help. We’ve already explored alternative avenues to secure your pop-of-Pulitzer for Summer right here. Then today we scoured two New Jersey Target stores and found a limited amount of merchandise.

Anyone stalking for the designer’s sunny-colored merchandise should begin their hunt at the customer services area. That’s where returns are made and the merchandise collects until employees can bring it back to the sales floor.

At one suburban Target, we found a pile of returned clothing sitting on the counter. Among the “bounty” was a green and white kid’s jumpsuit, a wristlet pouch and a shift dress. On the sales floor there were home items like dessert plates, votive candles and strung lights. More pictures are right here.

At the second stop there were several of items of clothing in the changing room, a tote bag at customer services and stoneware stool, candle lanterns and nail files could be found near the registers.  There were also other random items scattered throughout the store.

Merchandise hasn’t really been re-released online. As of now, the only available items are the hammock stand and the umbrella stand. We wouldn’t get your hopes up too high if you expect to find popular items of clothing back on the site. Seems like it would be a bigger headache to replenish stock when inventory may remain quite limited. Nonetheless, we’ll keep stalking.


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