Chanel’s Clothing Languishes at Bloomingdales

March 19, 2015 by Lila Delilah

This season, Chanel took the very bold move and changed their discount policy to only one markdown a season. If you were shopping for clothing, the discount never made it past 40% off. Sales people were insistent that the winter stock was selling so well that further incentives were not needed.

Fast forward to mid-March and Bloomingdales shoppers will find an abundance of Chanel’s winter leftovers tucked in the back of the Oscar de la Renta department.

The discount is still just 40% off and when Bloomingdales sales associates are questioned they just shrug their shoulders in confusion. Perhaps this should be a strong message to Chanel and it’s customers that there are only so many people willing to pay top dollar– even in a big city like ours.


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