You Must Be Kidding: Roger Vivier’s $70k Bag

January 28, 2015 by Lila Delilah

Last week we received the following email from a sales person from Roger Vivier:

“We just received ONE handbag today, and it requests special attention.
It is a limited edition from our SS2015 (Rendez-Vous), the bag made very beautiful black and white color crocodile skin, with brick-color leather lining inside. Retail at $69,400. That’s correct, $69,400!!” exclaims a Roger Vivier sales person.

Even the sales person’s explanation points and reiteration of the price suggest the ridiculousness of the product.

She continues, “The most expensive bag yet. We have at Roger Vivier, only one unit in the USA. The 2nd photo is a close-up of the skin front and back. The dimension is 12”H x 12.5”L x 5”W.

Hermes has proved that there is a market for handbags that sell for over $100,000. Finding a sucker to shell out $70k on this bag of questionable design is far less likely.  Vivier has no secondary-market track record on products at their price point.

Lets take a vote of hands: Who here would spend $75,559.25 (including New York sales tax) on this Roger Vivier purse? Next Question: Who would want the bag for 90% off?


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