Where to Buy Fashionable Athletic Clothing

January 13, 2015 by Lila Delilah

Chances are that if you made a new years resolution it was to work out more or lose weight. Even if you made a deal with yourself to be more lazy in 2015, you may need a bit of motivation to make it through month one. We find the best motivation is always fashion. It’s a wonder how much a new sports bra (or lounge pants) can motivate you to continue to accomplish your fitness goal.

Below is some of the best deals on the hottest athletic clothing:

Stella McCartney
Adidas isn’t one of the most sought out brands by fashion insiders but once you slap on a Stella McCartney a Class Pass becomes irresistible. The most obvious place to shop for the designer altheltic line is Adidas, of course. Even though there is a great selection, the prices seem to be the highest.

If you want to grab a few deals on the outgoing season of Stella McCartney x Adidas, you’re going to have to hop around to a few sites and grab the odds and ends. For example, Net-A-Porter has this print running tank for 50% off $95. The matching running pants are on Kirna Zabete for $63 from $90. Over on the international site, MyTheresa, you will find a good selection of Stella gym fineries discounted between 30% to 40%. Be sure to also check out the designer’s own site. Some items are priced well, while other pieces can be found for less on other sites.

It’s not what it used to be but neither is Equinox. The brand is famous for not having sales but we’ve noticed more merchandise on the markdown racks than ever. Online shoppers will need to head to the ‘We Made too Much‘ section, which is a euphemism for ‘if we reduce it by a dollar will you buy it?’ This zippy pullover is $69 from $128, these Skinny Groove pants are $69 from $98 and a basic sports bra is $39 from $52.

Gap’s Athleta may not yet be the go-to for mainstream athletic clothing but the collections are growing stronger every season–minus those strange skirt legging combos. The best part is that they have a healthy sale section. Right now, many items are reduced 40% to 50% off. After Christmas there was an additional 20% off promo but it’s not currently available. Keep your eyes open. For now, you can find these cross runner tights, which are also really soft, for $60 for $79, a puffer bomber jacket is $65 from $78 and here is a hooded zippy for $42 from $98.

Target C9
It comes a time when you’re shopping that you say– this is totally fine. And guess what? Target’s C9, Champion collection, is perfectly acceptable–for everything from Soul Cycle to Blink. The best part is that right now there is a promotion on the athletic collection. These capri leggings are $21 from $35, this fleece jacket is $21 from $30 and here’s a tank for $19 from $27.


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