Your Rx For Holiday Recovery

December 26, 2014 by Lila Delilah

The holiday season comes with high expectations; the perfect decorations, the perfect foods, the perfect family (ha!) and the perfect gifts. There is no earthly way not to feel disappointed. That’s why we take matters into our own hands and always spend the day-after indulging in a serious session of retail therapy.

We have just the right place to shop. eBay’s largest luxury seller, Linda’s Stuff is hosting a huge handbag sale. The assortment has just the right items to offset your holiday defeat.

Say, your holiday dinner didn’t turn out as you intended after days of planning and cooking? An Hermes bangle for $399 should be able to help you to turn that frown upside down. So your dinner bombed and your in-laws called you inadequate? Arm yourself with a red Celine Luggage tote ($2700) and show them.

Now that we’ve solved a few of the more common issues. We can dive into the more complicated scenarios. Your husband tells you that he found someone younger? Your son says he’s dropping out of med-school to live out his dream of playing the harmonica and travel with a festival band? And your daughter says he she is going to marry “the guy.” These are not little problems and few things will make you feel better. Naturally, this 30cm Hermes Noir Crocodile Birkin bag with Palladium Hardware can lighten the blow.

This Linda’s stuff sale includes 415 items in a large range of prices that are sure to brighten most anything the holiday hits you with. The best part is that it’s not an auction and every purchase is accompanied with instant gratification. We wish we could say the same thing about eggnog.

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