Your Guide to Online Shopping Deadlines

December 19, 2014 by Lila Delilah

The holiday shopping season is quickly coming to a crescendo. Most online stores are offering 2nd day free shopping but you might want to take note of these shopping deadlines if you’re adverse to cabbing to midtown.

Get it there: 2nd-day air is $18
Deadline: 12/20 at 2:00PM EST
Gift Wrapping: Free black box and black & white ribbon
Discount: Up to 60%

Bergdorf Goodman
Get it there: 2nd-day free shipping with the code BGGIFT
Deadline: 12/19 at 11:59AM CT
Gift Wrapping: Free silver box with lavender ribbon
Discount: Up to 40%

Get it there: Standard shipping is free
Deadline: 12/22 5:00PM EST
Gift Wrapping: $5 white bottom and black top with elastic bow
Discount: Up to 60%

Get it there: Free standard shipping
Deadline: 12/19 5:30PM EST
Gift Wrapping: Free, sale items come wrapped in tissue paper but full priced merchandise is eligible for their iconic matte black boxes

Get it there: Free shipping
Deadline: 12/21 11:59PM EST
Gift Wrapping: Not available on all items but the $2 gift set includes a gift box, tissue paper, a silver ribbon and a gift tag
Discount: Up to 60%

Saks Fifth Avenue
Get it there: Free shipping with the code HOLIDAY
Deadline: 12/22 6:00PM EST
Gift Wrapping: Free black box with snowflakes, red bottom and red ribbon
Discount: Up to 70%


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