Hey Big Spender: Indulgent Gifts

November 24, 2014 by Lila Delilah
Impressing someone you love with a pricey gift is never easy. Chances are that Mr. or Ms. Lucky is extra picky too. Finding just the right item that won’t be returned is like winning the trifecta. 
Here are a few gift ideas even the most jaded woman won’t shear at. As always, we suggest you hold on to the receipt. And, PS, feel free to forward these ideas if you know someone you know needs some “guidance.”

1. Valentino Calfskin Braided Strap Knee Boot $1845 2. Baccarat Vase $1750 3. Cartier Calibre Diver Watch $8200 4. Tom Ford Crystal Brass Ring Clutch $4900 5. Moncler Beaded Padded Jacket $1657$1657 6. Lana Spike Earrings with Diamonds $3890


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