Charlotte Olympia Secret Presale

November 17, 2014 by Lila Delilah

Charlotte Olympia is kicking off the markdown season with a very secret presale that begins Monday. Shoes and bags from this past pre-fall and fall collections will be marked down 50%.

There is a huge assortment of merchandise included in early-season VIP promotion. You can browse through the designer’s pre-fall and fall collections to get an idea of the assortment. As the holiday season approaches, take note that the ‘Girls” bag is a big part of gift guides, as well as, the Kinky Handcuff clutch that was highlighted in Gwen’s holiday Goop guide.

The boutique will not allow any holds. All sale items must be secured by payment and can be retrieved starting Monday. You can click on the jump to see some of our favorite sale items.

Harlina 212-744-1842


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