Chanel Bags Under $1000

November 14, 2014 by Lila Delilah

Chanel is always such heart breaker. You fall in love again, and again, only to be tortured by their ever rising prices. The brand is surly outpacing inflation. And who, frankly, can rationalize more when you already have several?

Well it’s hard not to say ‘why not” when Linda’s Stuff brings you a wide assortment of Chanel bags that are under $1000. Here is a suede kelly green quilted tote for $599. How about this gunmetal metallic quilted handbag for $999 or this black hobo for $899.

The good thing about items like these, is that you can wear them for a while and then flip them for a another style once the thrill dies out. Truthfully, though, does the thrill ever die? We don’t think so either.

This amazing Chanel sale runs through Monday, November 16. We suggest you hop to it before these heart breakers live up to their reputation.

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