Altuzarra for Target 50% Off

November 4, 2014 by Lila Delilah

Altuzarra’s collection hit Target in Mid-September and shoppers pounced. We knew that the designer collaboration would be a big hit among New Yorkers but we didn’t think the real normcor would take to the luxury merchandise as well. We were partially correct.

At first, the racks were practically wiped clean of merchandise but then the boomerang effect kicked in. It appears as if Target’s new 14 day-return policy on the collaboration made it so shoppers didn’t sit on their purchases longer than necessary. Now, what’s left is 50% off.

Some of the best pieces from the collection include the Orchid print sweatshirt that’s now $20 from $30, the button down dress with the python print bottom is $25 from $50 and the ruby red faux wrap dress is $28 from $40. There are still lots of clearance shoes left from the collab but they were universally painful to wear.

Those who frequent Target stores should scope out the clearance clothing section where you are likely to find an even larger assortment than what’s online. You might find that prices are even better too.


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