Finding Missoni in the Most Unexpected Place

September 12, 2014 by Lila Delilah

Shopping is a lot like treasure hunting: You tend to find the most extraordinary items in the most unexpected places. Today we struck gold in an old side-street thrift shop.

The NCJW Council Thrift Shop, located on East 84th Street, is one of the last places you would expect to find brand new Missoni shoes and clothing. The inventory includes several pairs of shoes that were in the Madison Avenue boutique just last winter. (You can see that story right here.) There’s also shoes for men and a very small selection of clothing.

A pair of architectural pumps is priced at $175 from a retail price of $600 and platform booties are $225 from $900. The men’s shoe assortment includes moccasins, driving shoes and a few pieces of clothing. We are told that the Missoni merchandise was donated by the boutique and it isn’t the first time that such a generous charitable contribution has come from the Italian company.

We applaud Missoni for their kind contribution that equates to two gifts: money for a worthy charity and a treasure for a keen shopper. Click here to see more pics.

NCJW Council Thrift Shop
246 East 84th Street @ 2nd Ave


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