The It-It: Backpacks Cool for Fall

August 18, 2014 by Lila Delilah

The only thing that makes Fall tolerable is the excitement of shopping for a new season. When it comes to shopping for the kids, the most important item is always the backpack. After all, it travels with them –all day, every day.

This Betsey Johnson faux leather quilted bag ($58 from $100 at Macy’s) is perfect for the more prim gal, Little Miss Matched has a convertible duffle/backpack that’s super bright and playful ($29) and Nordstrom has a variety of MadPax’s spiked bags ($60).

You can scroll through the lookbook to see even more bags that are sure to keep your kids looking cool, come the chilly weather. The best part is that’ve all been vetted by the under fifth grade set. So, whatcha waiting for? The bell will be ringing before you know it.


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